Lord Kyoji

"Nothing satisfies the black steel of the kolosari quite like the fear of their enemies."


Standing around 6’2”, Lord Kyoji is an imposing figure. He has long black hair which he keeps untied. His black armor depicts a particularly horrific and imposing fiend. At his side are two blades, one with a blue and black steel handle which has a black blade. The other blade has never been seen unsheathed but nevertheless, always remains at his side.


A former Githyanki who leads the Kolosari of Shiminoseki. In DR 1380 he supposedly underwent a transformation and now calls himself Lord Kyoji, but some whisper that Xanthrim and Kyoji are two different lords.

Among the citizens of Shiminoseki, Lord Kyoji is called a generous tyrant. The citizens are given many freedoms and taxed relatively lightly for being in the Moonsea. However, the city maintains order out of fear because when his patience is tested, his wrath is quick. He has also been seen demonstrating his skill in the city’s coliseum, which is to say at a frightening level.

Kyoji’s diplomatic negotiating allowed for Shiminoseki to establish in the harsh land that was previously run by the Zhentarim. His charisma appears to be winning over many of the surrounding Moonsea cities as well as the elves in Myth Drannor. It is unknown what he truly desires, but there are many whispers around that he has his eyes on more than just the Moonsea.

Lord Kyoji

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