Rouq Nightfist


Rauq is a white haired young Anti-Paladin of Bane. His shield, armor and necklace all prominently display Bane’s religious symbols. Standing at 6’3” and broad as a barrel his eyes hide a cold and cunning intellect that often catches his opponents by surprise. As captain of the guard he is particularly malevolent and unnecessarily heartless. He is rude as a rule not a habit.


Alone Rauq would be a force to be reckoned with but with nearly three hundred deputized keepers of the peace under his command he is very well informed. He is not well liked but is respected by his men, several of which have gone so far as to become his squires.

He also co-leads the Black Fist company with his rumored fiance Halla Scourgetongue. Black Fist company has had a four year string of good luck in it’s exploration and treasure picking of Zhentil Keep. Rumors are starting to fly.

Rouq Nightfist

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