"This city--like the Flame Lord-- offers an chance of renewal."


Incindia stands 6’4” with a lovely face framed with wild red hair and eyes that glow faintly the color of molten gold. Despite her unusual height her form is lithe and well proportioned. She dresses in red robes with white fringe embroidery that resembles tongues of a fire.

Always beside her is young teenage girl with strawberry blond hair, green eyes and dressed in the red robes of an initiate of Kossuth. She never speaks but acts as Incindia’s eyes. Incindia calls her Karri.


Once an hardened battle cleric of Kossuth she lost her sight to a magical explosion that no amount of spells seem to heal. She has since accepted her fate and has become a golden hearted cleric offering strength and renewal to all who need strength. She is an active member in alleviating the day to day suffering found within the the walls of Shiminoseki. The populace has been so touched by her sacrifice that they built a small temple within it’s walls where she prays and teaches her many acolytes when not among the community.


Moonsea: Shiminoseki higharchmage