"Clich achchak click click?"


He is 7’0” monstrous insectoid, he has gray green chitin four arms and two massive insect legs. He wears no armor and no clothes to speak of, only a battle harness that is wrapped around his chest and a belt used to keep his weapons. He wields a Kolosari made wakizashi, a double spear, and a strange three pronged dagger that is used like a boomerang. The wakizashi is made ob black steel, but the spear and dagger are made of completely unknown material but are as hard as the darkwood of Toril.


Rumors abound of this monstrous pet that Lord Kyoji keeps. Some say he is an experiment of Reis’s others say some creature from another world or even a demon. He enjoys the taste of intelligent beings, especially elves. His bite is poisonous and can paralyze a rothe, he can read minds, and can meld into his surroundings like a chameleon, he can jump over a house. It is assumed that none but he knows the truth, and even if he could be asked, no one can understand his language.


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