The Twins

"We are two fangsss of the sssame viper, Provoke our sssting and perish"


Identical in every way Trinz and Kelta stand at 5’10”. They were barely recognizable as tieflings prior to the events that have led up to the Spellplague. Their heritage has now been accentuated by the wild magic and have undergone the the painful transformation into the form that all tieflings now wear. Red Skin, dark black hair cropped short, fangs that now almost fit their mystique and red eyes with reptile slits.

As always they hiss and whisper their words, wield envenomed great spears and call upon the power of the Set to smite their enemies.


Trinz and Kelta spend most of their time tending to the wounded of Lord Kyoji army. They Fight viciously when in battle more interested in ending life at the end of their spears rather than preserving its loss on their side. Anyone who has observed them for any amount of time would be hard pressed to deny that they seem to be at the very least empatically linked and very likely telepathic.

The Twins

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