Reis is an early middle aged man with black hair and very calculating eyes. He has put on weight since he first began to travel with Lord Kyoji, and has impeccable manners. His robes are high quality but unadorned by the arcane symbols one might expect to see. They often vary in color. He is almost never without an open book and and seems to have a small library kept in one of his pouches. He is also never without his staff and a few wands tied to his belt with what must be enchanted string.


He is almost never seen outside of his library or laboratory, and when he is it is usually to offer council to Lord Kyoji concisely and then return to his studies. He is the master mage of Kyoji’s army and they have prospered under his direction. It is whispered that he would like to take on more apprentices to help with his research but Kyoji has strictly forbidden him.


Moonsea: Shiminoseki higharchmage