Khory Bannefin



Khory Bannefin is a Genasi woman who stands about 5’9” and is of medium build. She has energy lines tracing across her body, head to toe, that correspond to her elemental nature. Although for the most part she manifests the Stormsoul elemental aspect, she is able to manifest ALL Genesai elemental manifestations to suit her current mood. An arcane symbol is tattooed over her right eye and carries an adamantite, reverse-handled, greater scimitar slung across her back.

Genesai Elemental Manifestations:
  • Earthsoul – Brown skin; Golden energy lines and eyes; Bald head
  • Firesoul – Ruddy bronze skin; Fiery orange energy lines and eyes; Flickering flames for hair.
  • Stormsoul – Pale alabaster skin; Silvery energy lines and eyes; Long, voluminous, sparking golden hair
  • Watersoul – Seafoam green skin; Bright blue energy lines and eyes; Seaweed green, floating, swaying hair .
  • Windsoul – Silver skin; Light blue energy lines and eyes; Glowing blue and gray ice crystal spikes on the head

She does not talk much of her past, or of much of anything for that matter. She has, however, shown great delight in picking over the ruins of Zhentil Keep with Unvanquished Company, almost reveling in the destruction that surrounds her. During combat, she favors the Stormsoul manifestation of her elemental nature.

Khory Bannefin

Moonsea: Shiminoseki Khory