Korin was born into the world as most dragonborn were in Abeir, a servant of a dragon lord. The Lord he served was a great White Wrym name Scarosh. Scarosh pitted in a fierce war with a Red Wrym named Malvalar. The two wryms had been battling over border issues for years, both sides refusing concede territory.

Korin was born under the Frost Claw Clan, as part of the Silver Spear bloodline. During his comabat training it was noticeable that he was not as naturally strong as his fellow clansmen, but he had impressive knowledge of combat and strategy. This impressed his superiors and upon graduating form combat training he was given the rank of lieutenant in the Stone Scale Legion. Korin tactics continued to impress his commanders with the tactics he implemented with the men under him, as well as his courage and zeal to defeat his enemies.

As time passed Korin managed to survive the many battles he entered and continued to rise in rank within the Legion and was granted control of the Frosthide Battalion. Being constantly surrounded by death and war lead Korin to see the emptiness that came from serving the dragons and dieing for their cause. Yet many in His Legion and the warrior caste were intent on proving themselves to Scarosh by sacrificing everything for the sake of the White Wyrm. Unfortunately, Korin knew no other life but the servant of a dragon lord, and continued to follow Scarosh’s bidding.

Korin’s skill in battle infuriated his fellow battalion leaders within the Legion, for they knew Korin had superior tactical prowess. They decided to plot against Korin and looked for an opportunity to betry him. During one great battle with Malavar’s forces, the other battalion leaders of the legion decided to withdraw their forces allowing Korin’s battalion to be flanked. Korin and his men looked in dismay as their fellow clansmen abandoned them to the enemy. Surrounded, with no opportunity to escape, Korin and his men fought fiercely against the overwhelming numbers of Malavar.

Without warning, wave of blue light, erupted from the ground engulfing Korin and the other dragonborn around him. After he was consumed by the light he blacked out and fell helplessly to the ground. When Korin first regained consciousness, he realized he was surrounded by complete blackness. As Koring attempted to get his bearing began to hear a deep voice speak to him “Do not be afraid child” the voice bellowed “I have come to show you what has happened to you people.” (This is Bahamut) Korin was then filled with images of other dragonborn engulfed by this blue light and suddenly vanishing. You will awake in the world of Faerun, I know you have a pure heart and want to see your people freed from bondage. In this world you will have to opportunity to help your people and ensure they no longer have masters. Do not be afraid for I am watching over you.”

Instantly Korin felt a sharp pain in his head and he awoke near the ruins of Zhentil keep. Korin was not sure waht to think of what he just experienced and decided his first course of action was to seek shelter for the night and determine what had happened. After spending some time navigating the area, he heard the sounds of battle and the roar of a dragon. Korin quickly drew his blade and followed the shouts. Eventually he came upon a group of adventurers fighting a white dragon similar to Scarosh. Hesitant at first, Korin advanced towards the creatures and decided to help the party being attacked by the creature. With the help of Korin the group was able to vanquish the dragon and the adventurers quickly grabbed their spoils from the dragon’s hoard. When the battle was over he was approached by a short bearded man and an elf.

(Bio still in progress)

Quirks: Since Korin Never had fruit in Abeir, his favorite this to eat are fruit.

Very tactical and like to plans things out, can sometimes overcomplicated things

Likes to practice training with various weapons and styles, this is wher he puts his dynamic weapon to good use.

Enjoys whittling


Ensure no one is enslaved by dragons as his people were

Discover who spoke to him in his vision

Find other dragonborn that belonged to his battalion


Moonsea: Shiminoseki Scange