Myth Drannor

Years before humans settled what has become known as the Dalelands in the south, there was Cormenthor. A lush forest that ranged for miles and covered the better part of the northern lands. The Trees here were ancient even then and the very heart of it all was the unearthly Elven Court of Myth Drannor.

For nearly four thousand years the elves gardened and nurtured the forest and created haunting, otherworldly glades of tremendous natural beauty. The arrival of men ended that on Faerun. For many years the humans delved deep into their forests felling trees with many years still left in them. Many of these pioneering folk met their ends on elven arrows and for a time it seemed that there would be war between them where there had only been bloody skirmishes before.

Weary at the relentlessness of the humans that came in waves that crashed upon their forests, and seeing no good ending in sight, the elves instead befriended the humans and attempted through friendship to preserve the lands and trees they loved. The monument to this friendship between man and elves is called the Standing Stone: an ageless monolithic stone covered in runes both elven and human, detailing the friendship that was formed between the races. The raising of this stone marked both friendship and what has become this ages measurement of the passage of years: Dale Reckoning.

Though the elves and humans taught each other much, both sides remained wary of each other. The elves raised powerful magical artifacts known as Mythals which overlapped and protected their vast realms with far reaching fields. Some were for protection, others increased the potency of elven spells, and others enhanced the connection between the elves and their gods. It was this vast interconnection of powerful elven high magic which ultimately led to the fall of Myth Drannor.

In DR 734 a portal ridden Myth Drannor fell prey to it’s own magic which opened portals to other planes of existence letting loose terrible evils whose only goal was to destroy. For years the elves tried to fight back the demonic tide that welled up from their own heartland, but their pride was their downfall for never did they seek the aid of their human allies.

And so Myth Drannor fell to the Tanar’ri hordes that poured forth from the portals of their own making. Many elves fled the forest of Cormenthor and the world all together seeking refuge in other strongholds of the elves not completely of this world. For many years Myth Drannor fell into darkness, the magic that once protected it became perverted by the new masters of the forest and the destruction of many of these fill many other tales of legend. For a time it seemed that the retreat of the elves would force the glory of Myth Drannor into history and finally out of common memory.

Ten years ago today a band of adventures delved deep into the ruins of Myth Drannor. There they slew a Tanar’ri general who had taken control of a portion of the Mythal and turned it to his own ends. It was this act of bravery and heroism that rallied the elves that remained and stirred the near twilight Eldarin to action. Eladrin general Seiveril Miritar led a holy crusade against all denizens who had defiled Myth Drannor.

The war was fierce and many elves who might have danced many years more under the moon, stars, and noonday sky fell in their offensive against the daemonfey. In the end they were victorious under the leadership of General Seiveril’s daughter Ilsevele who took up his mantle and bow when he was slain.

in the few years that have followed Coronal Protector Ilsevele Miritar has no intention of repeating the mistakes of her people’s past and the restored Court of Myth Drannor is now open to all who would offer it friendship. There are yet may sealed portions of her realm that have yet to be brought into the light of day and she holds yearly competitions to clear these dungeons. She also keeps a vigilant eye turned towards the Shadowvar, shade-like beings whom she helped the cities of Moonsea unite against when they took sacked Zhentil Keep.

Myth Drannor

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