A History

In DR 1372 a proud Githyanki lord named Xanthrim helped halt an attempted assassination on Fzoul Chembryl, Chosen of Bane and leader of the Zhentarim. It was shortly after this that Xhantrim’s mercenary army was integrated into the Zhentarim as enforcers, assassins, and mages. In DR 1374 the Zhentarim offered Xanthrim a promising ruin to build a city for his people who call themselves Kolosari. p. In the ten years that followed the ruin was transformed into a well defended city of over 5,000 inhabitants and has flourished despite the fall of its main employer, Zhentil Keep in what has now become known as the Shade War. In that time they have had two skirmishes with the Red Plumes of Hillfar, opened trade and diplomatic relations with the recently reclaimed Court of Myth Drannor, and have taken control of a gold mine once held by the Zhentarim. p. In addition to it’s formidable standing army Shiminoseki is also home to it’s many daring inhabitants are an ever increasing number of adventuring companies which require by law to purchase sanctions and yearly adventuring contracts signed and sealed by Shiminoseki’s Lord.

The City

The keep and the city that has grown up around it sit atop a treacherous cliff that overlooks the freezing waters of the Moonsea. At the base of the cliff is a series of docks that are accessible through a network of seaside tunnels or using a series of cranes and elevators capable of raising or lowering persons and cargo. The city itself is about a mile and a half across at it’s widest point and is home to 4800 persons of widely varied races and walks of life. The Kolosari who live here add another 350 to that number. p. Besides the imposing keep of the city the most prominent building is the Coliseum. Games are held here weekly and the blood sports are well attended. Criminals who are found guilty find themselves sentenced to fight for their lives in a series of games. They face off against other prisoners, self supporting gladiators, and captured beasts who almost always manage to draw the biggest crowds. Kiromo, Sakura, and Yuriko are also crowd pleasers—Kolosari warriors who have fallen out of favor with their Lord and fight for their lives as criminals and to regain their lost honor. p. The Red Wizards of Thay have set up an enclave here doing tremendous business offering adventurers magical weapons, armor, and items at a discounted price. All goods are sold at a 10% discount to their market value. Though the Red Wizards in the past have been considered deplorable and immoral wizards they now work hard to show the world their new face. The Enclave is lead by Akarax.

The Law

There is no doubt that Shiminoseki is a law abiding city. The common sense laws are expected to be obeyed without exception. Those listed here are not as common on Toril but are never the less the law.

  • Slavery is tolerated but not commonly practiced. Criminals are occasionally sold to make restitution to those they have wronged, but there is rarely other application.
  • Romantic relationships for Kolosari with non-Kolosari are strictly forbidden.
  • All adventurers must be apart of a sanctioned adventuring company.
  • Adventuring companies must pay annual dues of 1,000 gold to the Lord of Shimenoseki for papers sanctioning and legitimizing their claim to treasures unearthed that year.
  • Possession of a Kolosari Black Steel blade by non-kolosari is strictly forbidden.
  • Those who come across the blades of a fallen Kolosari must gather them and relinquish them to the first Kolosari they find. A small reward will be granted for this show of reverence.
  • In times that imperil the city all citizens are required to report to their assigned stations to aid in the defense of the city.

The Kolosari

Little is known of their origins around Moonsea. They appeared with Lord Xantrim, ten years ago with a strong desire to prove themselves to their neighbors and make a home for themselves. Many have said they are from Kara-Tur and the Distant East. Indeed they have many similarities in looks, weaponry, and even codes, but no Kolosari has ever admitted to being from there. p. Their battle regalia can be compared to that of another world’s samurai warriors, dressed in black armor detailed to make it’s wearer appear to be some sort of fiend. The average warrior carries two swords: a katana and a wakasashi and perhaps a composite longbow. The blades are folded black steel which is unknown in Toril otherwise and the Kolosari are viciously protective of their swords and often send warbands called Gitou Ryoushi (ceremonial sword hunter) to reclaim the blades of their fallen. These recovered swords of are highly revered, and it is a great honor to the Kolosari to wield one. p. Their swordsmanship and superior weaponry alone makes them extremely formidable in battle, but they are also capable of inspiring magical fear in their enemies as well as charge their weapons with electricity, both of which they use to create tactical advantage and do so to great effect. They do not speak of their powers and flatly refuse to become the master of anyone seeking to learn their style. The greatest among their swordsmen are called Kun and as often as not fight with both blades to devastating effect. The Kolosari warrior caste also includes masters of shadow and stealth called ninja, and mages.


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